These are tried and tested tips to build a new habit or routine. This isn’t a shortcut to success, this is a system for long term progress and a better quality of life. The beauty of this system is that it can’t fail unless you stop trying. It’s the core of my habit challenges that I do every month. So let’s get into it.

1. Start Small.

In the wise words of Leo Babuta, “if you start out exceedingly small, you won’t say no. You’ll feel crazy if you don’t do it. And so you’ll actually do it!”. And he’s right. If I…

Indecision is a very common trait for many of us nowadays. How many times have we spent ages debating what food to eat, or what movie to see? I’m certainly guilty of being indecisive with these relatively trivial choices. But what happens when our inability to make effective choices transfers into the more important parts of our lives? We procrastinate.

Procrastination, the action of delaying or postponing something, affects all of us at some point in our lives. But why does procrastination even need to be a thing? We don’t NEED to procrastinate, we don’t NEED to delay something. We…

In May I challenged myself to drink 3 litres of water for 31 days. I’ve always struggled to stay consistently hydrated and remember to drink enough water. A lot of us struggle to drink the recommended amount of water each day and I’ll dive into why further down this post.

By drinking 3 litres of water every day I hoped to notice a significant difference in my day to day health. We are often told that drinking water is the best thing we can do for our body, yet so many of us neglect it. …

This monthly progress post describes the least productive month I’ve had since the beginning of this blog. I’ve struggled with procrastination, distractions, and quite simply, laziness. There are a few different reasons for this and I’ll explain a bit further down.

If you get anything from this post then let it be that we all have difficult months. There is no such thing as a productivity guru, and I promise that whatever video or blog post you read claiming to have a foolproof plan for unlimited productivity, it’s a load of rubbish.

So let’s get to it.

Drumming Goals

Here are my…

I’ve put together 5 writing tips for beginners that I wish I’d known when I started my blog. They would have saved me a lot of time and energy whilst also improving my writing.

So why do I feel like I can offer advice to beginner writers when I am one myself? Well, according to Tatiana Mac, an independent engineer and blogger, “Beginners acutely feel the struggles of other beginners”.

I actively understand what it’s like to be a beginner writer, and these are the writing tips that I feel are most useful to those just starting.

Writing Tip #1: Read, A Lot

This is by…

We all know money isn’t everything, so why does it consume a huge portion of our lives? Our daily tasks are centred around the accumulation of wealth and when we aren’t working, we’re winding down from the day to day grind. Whether or not you’d care to admit it, Kanye is right. Yes, Kanye has a lot of money, but that doesn’t negate this quote.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Money is a source of high levels of stress and anxiety for many people. Working long hours, keeping up with rent, and bottomless pits of debt keep many of us awake at night. …

I gave up coffee in April as my Monthly Habit Challenge to find out how the lack of caffeine would affect my productivity, mood and sleep. For years, coffee has been the backbone of my morning. Like many, making that first cup became synonymous with waking up and making breakfast.

Luckily for me, I wasn’t alone in giving up caffeine. My girlfriend, Sam, also decided to join the challenge with me. Sam has been drinking coffee for a lot longer than I have and hasn’t gone a day without at least 1 cup of coffee for over 10 years! …

This is a monthly series I do on my blog where I show the progress of the projects I’m working on. If you want to get some more context on my goals for Q2, go to

I’ve experienced a huge shift in my daily routines in April, and so this month has tested my abilities in embracing change. With spring arriving, lockdown restrictions starting to ease, and my return to the workplace, I’ve had to stay on my toes to make sure I’m keeping on top of all my responsibilities.

As you read through this article, you'll see that…

With the prospect of live music returning soon I’ve been playing the drums a lot lately, so in the spirit of this blog, I thought I’d share the 5 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt From Playing The Drums. I’ve been playing for over nine years now and I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good. During this time I’ve played amazing gigs and festivals, been on tour around the UK, and spent countless hours practising.

Drumming is my life, and it has taught me so much about myself. Without the drums, I’d have no idea who I’d be, nor do I…

So in March, my monthly habit challenge was to run 5k in less than 20 minutes and build a routine that makes it easy and enjoyable to repeat.

Exercise has always been something that has floated in and out of my life. I often considered myself lazy, unfit and without willpower because any exercise habit I tried to start, never lasted more than a month.

I’ve had numerous different gym memberships, I’ve bought weights, and I’ve tried motivating myself with new (expensive) activewear to encourage me to use them. None of that worked for me, and there are scientific reasons…

Connor McCorkindale

If you’re like me and you’ve had difficulty completing projects, finding motivation and defining your purpose, then this could be the blog for you.

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